Тривожні факти використання "парашутного Grenade" (RKG-3), що використовуються проти американських сил в Іраку.

Завантажено 5 черв. 2011 р.
This media has been compiled by "At- Tibyan Publications" and sourced from "As-Sahab". It begins by using Quranic verses to prove physical force is needed to establish justice. Abu Yahya al-Libi who escaped from an American prison, then gives a lecture on the importance of balancing Jihad and Knowledge.

Jarret Brachman, a former analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), states of al-Libi:

"He's a warrior. He's a poet. He's a scholar. He's a pundit. He's a military commander. And he's a very charismatic, young, brash rising star within Al-Qaeda, and I think he has become the heir apparent to Osama bin Laden in terms of taking over the entire global jihadist movement"]